Parking Sensors Basingstoke, Front & Reverse Car Parking Sensors Basingstoke

Front & Reverse Parking Sensors enable you to safely park in the smallest of spaces. As well as alerting you of parked cars the system can detect children and low walls, which are out of normal vision.

With the cost of reversing accidents rising all the time, these very high quality reliable devices will deliver considerable savings. Our new ultrasonic parking sensors have been designed to provide a tailor-made unit for all types of vehicles.

A car illustration with parking sensor waves

How does this work?

These are ultrasonic rear obstacle detection systems, which utilise the ultrasonic echo principle - transit time method - to help drivers reverse more safely. They are equipped with either one or two pairs of sensors which emit a steady intermittent ultrasonic signal. The sensors operate both as transmitters and as receivers, emitting and then receiving reflected ultrasonic signals from possible obstacles.

Special Features:

  • Reverse with enhanced safety and convenience.
  • Faster, easier, safer parking - especially in crowded areas.
  • Prevent accidental damage.
  • Sleek design, compact size, latest technology.
  • Super-wide detection angle.

**Colour coded to your vehicle included in the price**